MBW 885: 30 Inches of Gooseneck

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IMO 10% of the population will be using iMessages. SMS are delivered to iMessages. So when your doctor, garage, pharmacist, bank 2FA etc. sends an SMS, you are forced to use iMessages to read it, as it is the default SMS app and you can’t change it.

So it depends if the EU reg applies to the service or the app.

That was the point, Messages is for SMS and iMessage. The SMS goes through messages, but not iMessage.

I’ve had maybe half a dozen SMS in the last 2 years and 4 iMessages with a cousin in the UK, who uses WhatsApp, we use Signal, because it is GDPR compliant and WhatsApp isn’t.

Looks like the EU has accepted Apple and Microsoft’s claim.

So WhatsApp will now be forced to integrate with other messaging apps?

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