Using iMessage on a Chromebook via

I came across a video about an app from the website
Apparently it lets you use iMessages and a bunch of other messaging apps on a Chromebook.
Not sure that I’d trust it. Does anyone else have any experience with this?

I believe they use a bunch of Mac minis in a data centre and you have to provide you iCloud login details, which is a huge security risk.

If it is the one that is using sunbird, they are also not encrypting the traffic, everything is being sent in the clear, which is a big no no.

There are 2 or 3 of these services that popped up in the news this week, but they all seem to use the same infrastructure. I might be mistaken and this is not the one that was mentioned on TWiT on Sunday and wasn’t pointed out for its insecurities by Sean Wright Security on X today. But I’d give them a wide berth, until the security has been analysed fully.

Edit: the messages are decrypted on their servers and then sent onto the relative networks. I’d rather use the native apps for each service I need, given the FAQ on their website.