MBW 869: DaddyCare+

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Does anyone know if the new Final Cut iPadOS app can be used on the M1/2/X Macs? Because that could mitigate the issue with moving between the app and the more comprehensive Mac-only version.

It could also potentially signal a move away from that Mac-only version.

This is Google built-in on the 2023 Hondas. It gives you an idea of what it will look like. Note Honda also supports CarPlay.

From what I can work out, there are two ways Google can be implemented in cars. Android Automotive is the full OS for a car based on Android. GAS or built-in is the partial solution, which is a package of Google apps implemented on your own OS.

Unsure why you’d want the iPad version, though. Although having Logic and Final Cut on a touch screen device, wouldn’t you want the extra screen real estate with the 14-inch MacBook Air?

As someone who doesn’t use an iPhone or an iPad, I don’t have a dog in this hunt. I’m just wondering if Apple could be using this as a way to effectively remove the current version of Final Cut (which is Mac-only) and replace it with a redesigned version that works on both iPad and Mac.