MBW 868: Burglar Fantasy Camp

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Anyone else notice that the latest rapid response update in iOS 16.4.1 (a) coming in different sizes if you had the old home kit opting out to the upgrade to keep backwards compatibility? I think my rapid response update was 47mb instead of everyone else’s 85mb. I think the rapid response update likely were meant to patch the most recent zero-days…


Ah. Very interesting data point. Thanks!

I don’t think apple gets enough credit for the amount of stuff they can do on-device and keep your data from being processed in the cloud and potentially mined/exposed. I think that is why they have such a hard time with AI tools, at least in Siri. I think it’s a major virtue not a flaw that apple keeps our privacy at the forefront, I’m curious to see how this develops in time.

I decided to try out the Siri watchface on my apple watch, apparently it feels I either need to know when my bedtime is set, or the current Dow stock price… I’m waiting to see if it will get better but not holding my breath. I drive a lot at work so I wonder if I confuse it on what my daily routine is.

just about every week “I really wish Apple would make life easier for Android users. We would like to have an Apple Watch because Android Watches stink so Apple should make it so you can have an Apple Watch without an iPhone!” sigh

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Seems to be an Andy thing. Not sure what he’s expecting. Tablets are not normally always connected devices that you carry around. Most people I know have WiFi versions that stay at home most of the time. So you’d get reduced functionality connecting a watch to a tablet. Also unrealistic to expect Apple to support Android phones.

There are watches available with their own ecosystem - Garmin, Withings, Fitbit (for now) etc.