MBW 730: The Battle of the Tim's

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@Leo you can disable the Apple Watch passcode. You can’t use it for payments or to unlock your Mac, but I think notifications and apps will work. If it is not on your wrist then you also wouldn’t be able to get HR, ECG, etc. but it should otherwise work fine. I’m not testing this because if you try to turn off the passcode it will remove stored cards from your wallet and I’m not that committed to testing this.

I’m a longtime listener but have never participated in the live chat or forum.

I signed up here just to come ask that someone could please explain why the hosts have seemingly gotten worse about talking over each other. I listen to a lot of podcasts including others by twit and this doesn’t seem like a challenge there.

Why is MBW so bad about this? I generally like the hosts and the content but the cross talk that was sometimes annoying has become so bad that I don’t really look forward to listening anymore after years of being a fan and recommending.

This is a question for @Leo. I have noticed it seems to have become more pronounced recently as well. Could be that the latency for some or all of the hosts has recently gotten more extreme, driven by the extra usage of all the people working at home in the pandemic. Latency is a killer in VoIP situations–on a one on one situation it is manageable if it stays under 100ms. When you have multiple latent participants you kind of have to add everyone’s latency together, and if that sum gets much over 100ms it becomes more and more likely someone will step on someone else.

I think that’s all it is, really. I don’t think any of them intentionally tries to take more than their share of the time.

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I never really thought of it before just now, but it could also be the hosts are affecting their own latency unwittingly by using apple airpods or the like. If you add in the round trip latency with any Bluetooth latency it probably gets well above 100ms.

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