MBW 823: Mac and Cheez

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@Leo During the show wrap up, when you said “we love it when you watch” I thought now there is the TWiT Network tagline… You should put that and a logo on a t-shirt! :smiley:


Alex’s challenges with cables and ports happen with all interfaces and manufacturers. I have a LaCie D2 Thunderbolt/USB drive, a laptop with Thunderbolt 4, but my Thunderbolt 1/2 cables won’t work. I could try a £50 dongle, see if that works. Or save myself £50 and grab a USB cable out of the drawer and use USB 3 instead (which is what I did).

The move to USB-C connectors and USB PD charging seems to be happening anyway, hopefully Apple will move soon and I’ll have one less cable to carry around.

The new USB-D will solve all problems :smiley:



With regards to the changes to the Google store and Comixology that Andy noted (i.e. that you can no longer buy ebooks and comics through the Kindle and Comixology apps, respective) - this is where the power of alternate app stores comes into play.

If you have an Android device that has an alternate app store on it (for example - the Galaxy Store on Samsung devices) - check that store to see if there is a version of the app on there that still allows digital goods to be purchased. I downloaded the Kindle app from the Galaxy store on my Samsung tablet and that version still allows me to purchase ebooks and digital goods, as opposed to the one available from the Google Play store.

While the Comixology app is not available in the Galaxy store, I could see that happening if more people realize you can still buy ebooks on the Galaxy store version of Kindle.

:smile::smile::smile: this is brilliant

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While I don’t necessarily want an alternate App Store, I was very disappointed Apple made no changes to the App Store policy at WWDC. I’m glad to hear PWAs will be getting better support. I’d still like for them to fix the content sellers, like e-books, comics, music streaming. There’s just not enough % to go around, and it only hurts the artist and the platform. It’s especially troubling given how many of those categories they compete on. Ultimately, governments are going to start regulating, and it’s extremely concerning that the very smart people who make these nifty devices can’t find a better solution before they’re told what to do.