MBW 818: Unconstrained by Time and Space

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Always amazing how much more Alex Lindsay brings to the table and always much more pleasant when allowed to talk uninterrupted. Great show this week.


When he is talking on subjects like he was today, yes, absolutely brilliant mind. But he has his weaknesses and those include not being able to see beyond his sphere.

Classic examples of where his sharp discussion turns to blunt intractableness is when discussing when Apple is trying to protect its business around Apple Pay and the Apple Store. There is no middle ground for him, just Apple is right and why would anyone ever think of using anything other than Apple Pay… There are valid arguments there, but he isn’t open to them.

As long as he is kept away from such discussions, he is a pleasure to listen to. When he gets on one of those topics, like those above, it is an object lesson in frustration. But I wouldn’t want to replace him with anyone else, because of the rich and wide knowledge he brings to discussions, in general.


Curious with the Air Selfie Neo demo – did you draw pics & video off the phone to the desktop, and what was the quality?
I got one, and I’m finding the image quality is horrible; thinking of returning it…


Here are the images. You’re right. Not so good.

And this was with ideal studio lighting.


Thanks for sharing these…

If you look at their promotional materials most of the video footage is of people using the Neo from a “third person” perspective: we see subject & drone; even their YouTube “How To” or promo videos demonstrate how to launch or fly the drone, there’s almost no actual footage taken from the drone…

I’m sure the promo footage is HD or 2k; a couple of VERY quick moments appear with a frame around them as if to say this is what the camera is capturing, but it really feels like deceptive advertising…

I’m currently reading After Jobs by Tripp Mickle, or rather the Audible version read by Will Damron, as recommended by @Leo.

I find it fascinating. I knew a lot of what was going on, but not the internal in-fighting and struggles they had.

What I find very interesting is that the writing style and the reader make it sound more like a novel. Will’s style is similar to Don Graham, who read The Circle. In fact, it oftens feels like I am listening to The Circle 2, with the way things are being described and Will’s intonations.