MBW 729: The Lighter Side of Wagner

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Thank you Rene for your pick of the week. Jordan Harrod is an impressive young voice who needs to be heard. Leo - Could she be a guest on TWIT? I think she could hold her own in most discussions.

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Great show @Leo and team. We discussed the subject of “banning” apps in this and other shows like TwiT. The community may be interested in knowing that the government in India is going the whole hog in “banning” more apps - supposedly with Chinese connection (Including #PUBG )

Is this “user friendly”? Does the remedy address demonstrable risks? There isn’t a whole lot of transparency around that (yet).

Thank you Leo I also work in the same industry as your daughter. During the pandemic I’ve never see people walking in without masks or refusing. Their are outliers for sure but it’s small number.