IOS 471: Get Writing

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@mikahsargent: You were enumerating OSs within the scope of iOS today. I don’t think you mentioned audioOS – the OS of the HomePod. We count on you and @Leo to get us all the breaking news of that OS, too. :grinning:

You mentioned that an AppleTV hadn’t been connected to the monitor on the set. I think it would be a swell idea to try this out. You and Leo could AirPlay your iPad’s display to separate AppleTVs, and the production staff could switch that onto the monitor as needed. I first saw this at the iOS classes at my local Apple store; it works well there.

Great show with @RosemaryOrchard. Many writing apps are great; you gave a variety of reasons to pick a particular tool.


I like the product shot camera views used in studio when sharing screens. I think it’s an intentional personal touch. It’s impersonal to just watch a video of someone else’s iPad.

I understand remotely it’s not so easy.

I always enjoy Rosemary’s enthusiasm about automation.