MBW 715: Smokin' These Meats

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@leo simply curious…is there really anything wrong with your Big Green Egg? I can still remember when the BGE was Alexis’ pick. I’m in the market for a new grill (as soon as I get the deck remodel done, new grill is my motivation). I’ve been going back and forth BGE? Traeger? BGE? Traeger?

After looking at the web site and reading the reviews of the Traeger I’m going with BGE. Too many things to go wrong with the Traeger. If you must plug it in; it’s not a grill. I used to buy the big honking gas grills for big $$$, but they last 3 years if you’re lucky before the guts burn out. Went back to the good old $99 Weber kettle. So easy. BGE will fit my style much better.

I literally LOL’D at the Zuckerberg Smokin’ these meats video.

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My ex husband called be to ask what was going on with the 13.5 bug. I hadn’t seen it, but told him to wait for updates of the apps and perhaps another iOs update.

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Love the Big Green Egg - it’s really a wonderful way to cook. Mine is 7 years old and needs some significant repairs, possibly due to how hot I tend to run it.

The seal on the lid it burned off withing a few months. It’s replaceable but I never bothered. More recently a chunk broke off the inner liner. I doubt that’s repairable, but the egg still works.

Seven years is a long time for any grill - and I’m not surprised that it’s starting to break down. I’m not replacing it - just adding the Traeger.

I think the reason I’m attracted to the Traeger is mostly convenience. We grill several times a week and it’s a pain to get the Big Green Egg fired up each time. But we’ll see. Nothing cooks a steak better than the Egg!

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