MBW 690: Podcast in a Sack

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What’s with the audio on the episode?

I’m about an hour in on the Video HD version and haven’t noticed anything.

Turn it up a bit, there is a slight hiss throughout.

Yeah, there seems to be a bit more static or something… not something I would ever notice because I don’t listen to it that loud, but it seems like maybe there was an unused mic left open somewhere or something.

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That Black Magic ATEM thingy looks interesting, as it has plenty of USB connections at the back. RODE has something similar, called Rode Caster Pro, for doing podcast, but it doesn’t have USB connections like that.

@Lory For the first time in years I had a bit of trouble roasting the Thanksgiving turkey and I suspect either my old meat thermometer or the oven thermostat has gone out of calibration. Was planning on searching for a new meat thermometer and also get an oven thermometer to have for Christmas. Your pick saved me hours of searching.


Yeah. I’d heard good things about the Meater, but I haven’t picked one up yet
But I had previously also heard good things about Thermoworks, and did pick up one of theirs
In particular, I make yogurt frequently in the InstantPot and I have a Thermoworks thermometer that I have set with a low temp alarm to let me know when the milk cools down enough to add the starter culture.

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You’re going to love it. I just roasted a whole chicken in a Ninja Foodi and it worked perfectly. It’s so easy to use!

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