MBW 685: Hey Boo Boo

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10 points to Mikah for using Hey Boo Boo.


I love that Alex has a dedicated Fieldrunners device, I miss it.

Have recently listened to Mikah on iOS Today, TWiT, and MBW. Love the shows, longtime listener. But kinda wish he’d lay off the silly voices. Anyone else?

I love the silly voices from @mikahsargent, @Leo and anyone else. :nerd_face:


Yep. I’m in favour of all the “character” voices, they’re fun.

Besides, saying “Hey Boo Boo” without doing the Yogi Bear voice is just unthinkable! :joy:


I think as, with the latest This Week In Tech Ep743, there is a mention of iOT devices (gasp) &, I remember Padre talking about, on Know How, multiple NATs for protecting HomeKit devices calling back to base. I know Apple has squashed making their routers but, I think it was in WWDC 2019 they approved 3rd party routers for Apple hardware. I am thinking this is because of HomeKit. I only have 2 NATs running but if I do decide on HomeKit devices I will move to another NAT. Any thoughts?

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