MacBook Pro 2021 - LAN USB-C Adapter

Hello all,

I bought the new MacBook Pro 16 inch with the M1 Pro. Before that I had the 2016 model and have always had the Belkin USB-C to LAN adapter. Does it still work with the new M1 because the Apple site does not advertise the adapter for the 2021 MacBooks?

Does anyone here have any experience?


So you actually [still] have this adapter? What’s stopping you from just trying it? USB is standardized, so the worst that would happen is basically nothing. (i.e. if it needs a driver it doesn’t have, it will not work.)

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It works - it bothered me that Apple doesn’t show it in the compatibility list. Or am I just worrying unnecessarily?

@Martini89 I’d say you are worrying unnecessarily. I’ve bought a couple USB C dongles/docks. The first one I bought cheap when I purchased the mac simply so I could do HDMI hook up on my 2019 Macbook Pro and also give myself on USB A port. I later bought a dongle that had HDMI, LAN, SD Card, and 3 USB A ports. Still own both of these, but once I found a dock that actually sits under my macbook that is the one I settled on. Plugs in via USB-C but since it only slightly raises the profile of my mac which is already on a stand anyways it has been my preferred docking solution.

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Thank you guys. My conscience is reassured. :wink:

This is probably the case that someone didn’t pay Apple a little graft and thus got dropped from a list.