Looking for a list app

Many apps handle lists just fine BUT they all seem to have a major fail for me. I need my grocery list to stay ON during my grocery shopping. Having to pick it up and wake it every two minutes or so is driving me bonkers.

Is there a way to keep a list open and active that I’m unaware of or is there an app that has this as an option? I realize everyone wants to save my battery life but this is one time and place I will sacrifice my battery for my sanity!

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me!


If you are using an Apple product (iOS) you could turn off Screen Lock. Settings - Display & Brightness - Auto-Lock. Set to never.

I’m sure Android has a screen lock feature as well, but I’m not familiar…

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It’s iOS. I forgot that you can lock the screen so that may be my only solution. I was hoping that there’s an app where I can both make the list and lock the screen without having to go to settings to turn it on…then remember to turn it off again after use.

Thank you though for the other option! Until I find my dream list app, it will do!

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Notion app seem ok so far for me.

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Will check it out! Thanks.

Checked this app out and it failed to stay on screen! I had checked the box to do so. I’m not sure why it failed but it did. It also wouldn’t check mark the boxes next to my item! I tried single tap, double tap and nothing happened…that could have definitely been user failure but if it’s more complex to get it to work right, I’m just not willing to put in that kind of effort for a grocery list!

I’m now trying Anylist. It has a box to keep it on screen during shopping and will try it a few days. It is specifically for groceries so has many added features specific to food. So, I’m hopeful. If it fails, I’ll keep looking…someone has to have gotten this right? Right? :joy:

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If you have a Wegmans grocery store nearby, their app is good and has that built in.

We use an app called Our Groceries. It’s got a option to extend the screen timeout but I’ve never noticed the screen timeout when using it. I usually tick things off on my watch anyway rather than pulling out my phone.

It’s cross platform, Android, iOS, web and also integration with Google home and Alexa.

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No we don’t have that chain. It’s great that it has an app that works well for you!

Anylist seems to be the app I was looking for! It stays on screen and a single tap strikes out the item. As I add items, it categorizes them and I can change the amount or category they go into. It has a yearly subscription of ten bucks that adds more specialized features that I don’t really need but if I continue to use it, I will send in the money just to support the app. I love good well thought out apps!

If Anylist doesn’t meet my needs, I’ll try that one next. Thanks for the recommend!

I live in Brooklyn NY, they just put a Wegmans in recently. I went there and was amazed to see the shopping carts have cell phone holders on them, I was shocked. And the store is very nice also. Now I gotta check the app out.


If the native apps are good for your list (I like Notes checklist) can you make a Shortcut that turns on auto lock, opens your note, and then turns off auto lock when you close the note? That could be a widget then.

Haven’t tested this theory. Maybe someone with shortcut mojo could tell us.

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