Linux on Dell Chromebook

Hi all,
I have a few Dell 3100 Chromebooks to re-purpose. What Linux Distro would you recommend ?


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Unfortunately Chromebooks have unique hardware and firmware that often means they’re incompatible with Linux. I’d google “Linux Dell 3100” to see what people are doing to make it compatible.

I use Manjaro on my 2022 Dell XPS 15 - I’ve used Linux on most of my Windows-based Dells. Dell Linux support is very good. They ship some of them with Ubuntu so that should work as well.

Leo, You’re awesome as always and that’s why your’re THE TECH GUY ! thanks

You might want to look at MrChromeBox as a source of bios flash info. There is a Linux distro customized for chromebooks–that fixes up the odd keyboards and sometimes strange audio configurations called GalliumOS.

Looks like your machine is called “FLEEX” and uses the ‘disconnect the battery while power is switched on’ method to disable bios write protect.

I’ve converted three chromebooks and almost a dozen chromeboxes, so it’s very possible to do this. Best of luck!

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