Best Linux Laptop for around $2000

Hi, I’m looking to buy a new laptop (via Work) around $2000 that will run Manjaro and hook up to external monitors. I’ve used Lenovo Thinkpad in the past and am considering one again but am noticing a lot of them with Nvidia graphics which I know Linux has historically had problems with. I’ll mainly be doing coding, running containers, virtual machines, temporary test servers etc. Couple of times a week, I’ll take it to a coffee shop. No gaming. Does anybody have a recommendation for a good Thinkpad or other laptop for my purposes. I’ve listed some candidate models and specs I’m comparing right now. Thanks!

@Leo recently said he got a “Dell Developer Edition” laptop. I have tried to find it or anything like it using Dell’s f**king horrible site, and gave up. You have a go:

I think the only other Linux specific choice I know of is System76, but their prices are higher:

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These two are interesting, if you want secure systems. Both use the open source CoreBoot technology to replace the Intel ME and they use Heads to ensure that the Linux image isn’t tampered with.

The NitroKey takes it a step further, they include a “boot key”, which actively checks the signature of every module loaded during the boot process. Without the key, you can’t boot and if you have rebuilt an executable, installed an update etc. you need to re-sign it, otherwise it will throw up a security warning on the next boot.

This stops extra “hardware”, such as keyloggers being built into the laptop and also stops someone smuggling a changed executable onto the system.

If you are paranoid about security, they have it covered. It is delivered in an “evidence” bag, which is tamper-proof. If you are really paranoid, they will paint the screws with a “metallic” paint, which has random patterns of flakes, which are macro-photographed and sent to you per email, before the laptop is sent out and they will also post the NitroKey separately, so that it can’t be tampered with in transit.

The only downside is that, whilst they are relatively cheap, the NitroPad is a refurbished ThinkPad X230, . A good quality laptop with replaceable parts, but a bit long-in-the-tooth, although you could buy a NitroKey Pro2 or NitroKey Storage and set up your own secure system.

The Librem is more current.

Here are some other option:

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