Best way to keep MacBook lid closed

Hello everyone
I’m trying to find a way to get my MacBook Pro lid closed all the time
To explain the content
I connect my MacBook Pro intel to my usb c external monitor that can charge ot as well
I also connect a usb c hub to my MacBook Pro for external hard drive
I have Bluetooth mouse and keyboard

I need a way to keep the lid closed and use it
As well as being able to put it to sleep and wake it up
And also cut the power to it when it is in sleep mod

Now it stays on and i have to unplug the ports and open lid evey time i need to turn it back on

Also using fingerprint reader

Any suggestions i can follow
Thank you

Can’t help you with specific issue but if you don’t get what you need here, try It’s the forum for RelayFM which Jason Snell is a part of as well. They are focused on Mac conversations.

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Any other suggestions
Im tired of plug /unplug my MacBook Pro all the time :frowning:

Wanting to use Touch ID, which is on the laptop keyboard seems to be a blocker to you not opening the laptop.

Have you tried an external Magic Keyboard with Touch ID?


That is a good idea
Besides keyboard,
Being forced to unplug the usb ports is annoying for me as if I don’t shutdown the MacBook, it either not being disconnected from charge oe dock or get back from sleep by mouse or keyboard

I just leave mine plugged in all the time (MacBook Air) in a Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock. I have a Logitech keyboard and mouth connected via Unify, a webcam, Ethernet and my 44" monitor. When I’m finished for the day, I just select Ruhezustand (sleep/pause) from the Apple menu and walk away…

We aren’t allowed to use biometrics at work, so the fingerprint reader isn’t a problem, but as @Jamze says, the Apple Magic Keyboard with fingerprint reader should solve that problem for you.

The one thing is, the mouse is very sensitive, so I have to move it to the rest position and let go of it immediately when putting it to sleep. Putting it to sleep, then moving the mouse wakes it up again, of course.

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Thank you and yes probably have to find a dock that i can plug everything to that
Btw is there any usb c dock with video output snd a seitch to be able to turn it off

Most professional docks include video output, although Thunderbolt is better. I just pull the plug on mine, if I am not going to be using it for a long period.

If you are worried about the battery, I believe Apple includes battery conditioning as standard, which helps prolong the life of the battery, even if it is plugged in all the time.

I’m on my Mac mini, here at home, so can’t check it currently, but I’m sure that it is enabled by default on my MacBook Air.

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