Leo’s video podcast and bottom banner

With all the talk about burn on tv screen, why does Leo keep that anoying bottom banner on his video broadcast “the tech guy”?

You mean the lower third? Its sort of a requirement I believe.

Well I don’t have a problem with burn in but all those tv shows and podcasts seem to have those and for me it’s very annoying. Thanks for the responce

The answer is branding. Branding is part of marketing your brand. You want someone who sees something they like in a quick session for the first time to be able to have some way to know what it was so they can find more later.

As for burn in on screens, that’s much less of a problem these days. Just turn your screen off once and a while (when you sleep, for example) and you shouldn’t have a problem. It’s much more of a problem on screens that are highly static for days or months on end (like the screens in airports.)

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