LBRY, should TWiT consider it?

I have this service before, but had a nice break down by Brian Lunduke on the pros and cons,
Should TWiT consider posting content on in addition to YouTube? Apparently once you post something it cannot be taken down, so gets around the take downs you can get on YouTube. Would be a good place to host content for apps to use.

Nope. I clicked one link “top” and was immediately presented with “Sexy Girls Hot Erotic HD Photoshoot - Armin Van Buuren & Tiesto Remix” which is most definitely not anywhere close to family friendly which is how TWiT guides its content.


That same video is on YouTube also, may not be the top trending, but it is still there.
Also, never let children read the comments on YouTube. Defiantly not family friendly.

I don’t see any adult material on the front page. I see there is an option to enable it in the preferences.
We have to assume that users have to tag uploads but maybe they have a system for flagging vids.

Personally I think TWiT should stick to sites like Vimeo where they have a more active promotion of quality content and a way to present collections nicely.

FloatPlane is a nice and upcoming video platform though it is subscriber based. It has a lot less issues with take downs and the like.