Keen, Collections Lists (Maps) or Bookmarks?

I am confused.

Google introduced Keen.

In Android (the Google app) you have ‘Collections’. You can create them, share them and see them in the Google app OR in Google Maps, which is great! In Google maps it is NOT called ‘Collections’, it’s called ‘Lists’, but they ARE synchronized. You even can publish these collections to a Google Site!!

Why would Google introduce an app like Keen when they already have functionality build in there standard Android Google app?

Is it because they don’t know yet where to go and should I stick with my bookmarks in Chrome? (Which I cannot share :pensive:)

Greetings from Holland, stay save and healthy!

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Greetings! :slight_smile: (from Washington State)

Regarding your question… because they’re Google? :wink: It seems that Google is never satisfied, always wanting to try new things - adding new projects continuously so that all their offerings would make the most confusing word cloud, if one did a Google products word cloud… That said, I do like Keen, so far. I’ve hardly paid any attention to Google Collections, though - I’m going to have to look more deeply at that. It looks really useful.


Txs for your reply!

I like Keen too, but… it is not branded as a Google product. I am afraid after putting too much effort in it, Google closes the app.
I think it is also strange that the Google app (where you can find the collections) is not available on chromebooks.
So it seems that either the Google app should become available for Chromebooks (and Mac/Windows) or Keen should be branded as a Google product and become available on all platforms. What is your guess?


I’ll be really surprised if Keen ever goes beyond the experimental stage.

And the Google app… Maybe they’d make it available on Chromebooks… I don’t have a feel yet for that platform since I have no first hand experience with Chromebooks. I don’t think it’ll ever be on Mac or Windows.

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