Question of the day: What 1 thing do you wish Chrome OS could do?

What one thing do you wish Chrome OS could do (that it doesn’t now)?


For me, I wish the Chrome file manager was better.

In Windows - I like opening 2 separate windows of file explorer - highlighting a bunch of files, and dragging them to another window. Makes it so easy to move the files.

When you have to move stuff around in the SAME Window, it is a bit of a pain.

I do have an android app that I use sometimes. It makes it a little easier, but it still is not the same. That is 1 change I wish they would do.


I wish we could log in with a local or non-google email account. Guest login doesn’t remember things like bookmarks customized for a user. The ability to log onto a Microsoft account and have their cloud storage would be interesting.

Also my company is moving away from G-Suite. So, I guess next year I have to de-commision 14 chromebooks and 10 chromebits (used for digital signage), and get nucs or something.


I wish it could preform Google home hub functions on a complete computer system. I have always preferred to be able to build my own devices to manage things instead of having to rely on premade things that most of the time fall a little short on 1 or more services or hardware to perform the job to my satisfaction.

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Chrome doesn’t seem to be very big among the membership here, I see :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks like it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::+1:t2:

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It isn’t really a “thing” here.

Google don’t promote it, you won’t find it in stores and online shops also hardly mention it - and when they do, they are usually way over priced.

Do you remember the Acer 199$ ARM Chromebook from a few years ago? That was available on Amazon, here in Germany, for $599. Surprisingly, it never sold well.

In fact, there are no Pixel ChromeOS devices available over here. Google don’t sell them and they aren’t available through third parties. If you go to Google’s German store and search for Pixel, you will only find the Pixel phones, nothing else.

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I wish it could be open-sourced, completely decoupled from Google, and offered as a Linux alternative for non-technical people.