I've changed my website's template

It was due for a change. Nothing spectacular, but definitely better.


Some great pics Ant

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Thank you very much :fist_right:t5:

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Really cool. Great job!

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I 'preciate ya @Mistershipwreck

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Hi Ant,

First up, once the site is running, the photos are awesome. The plain white all left justified layout looks very minimalistic.

Please don’t take the following as me being negative, I have spent a lot of time testing websites, so the following are observations on a professional level, not a dig at you or your site.

A quick heads-up, I use NoScript. When I first get to a site, I usually look at the content that is displayed, along with the site certificate (did it come from a reputable issuer, like DigiCert?), in order to decide whether it is worth the risk of letting JavaScript run on the site.

I am probably in the minority, I know that…

But, with your template, I just see a big white page with 2 Adorama gift card logos and “Portfolio
Blog Order Prints Shop Adorama and Support Ant Pruitt Bio Thanks For Your Support Sound Assured” as a strip of text in the upper third.

As it is your site, I have enabled the main JavaScript bundle (antpruitt.com, squarespace.com & typekit.net). It looks good in a minimalist way, once it is running and the photos are awesome.

I believe that some readers for the blind work in a similar way and there would be nothing to give them a clue about the site, no images with alt-text etc.

It might be worth looking at the template, to see if there is a way for it to provide some information even for those that don’t run JavaScript for some reason, so they can get an idea about your site.

I also noticed that the alt-text is not very informative either (E.g. IMG6582-Edit-4.jpg).

There are also 2 “broken” links to “tradedoubler.com” at the top of the page - probably on my DNS blacklist. They are coming from your site directly, not over squarespace or typekit.

If you click on order prints, only 2 of your portfolio photos appear to be available. I don’t know if that is intended or whether you haven’t updated the Fine Art America list, but after viewing a photo on the portfolio and clicking on order prints, I would expect to be able to order a print of the photo that made me click on order…

The “support Ant” link to Adorama is broken for me, it seems to use www.ojrq.net/ as a redirect. This is on a DNS tracker black list.

Again, these are professional observations and not a personal attack.


I concur with big_D on the layout.

To further the design aspects, I would use a coloured background with a header/footer element. Maybe a dynamic menu.

I actually do not know what your website did until I saw the tag line. I would make that text just a little bigger to showcase to visitors.

Both of these can be adjusted with a CSS layout. I do not know if your source code is missing this or not added as part of the page layout.

I would also say, even though, I know you are simply linking logos and company branding, my browser (Microsoft Edge) has a tracking prevention feature and I have an ad-blocker. It is currently flagging the following URLs:

It is a small nitpick of mine and may not be easily solved but I don’t like to use these either in my browser (without hosting the js code) or have the potential for third-party sites to pick up my browser usage.

I am as creative as you and know how to dive into web code as well as usability so this is just my 2 cents. :slightly_smiling_face:


LOVE this feedback @BACONATOR26 and @big_D. THANKS. Yup the trade doubler links are part of my Adobe affiliation (income). I thought they were working as header injections. Same for Adorama. It’s part of my affiliation (income) with them. It’s been a bit of a pain getting that stuff to work. When I have down time, I play with it. Far as Fine Art America, that’s bizarre. It should list all available prints for ya. Wonder why it doesn’t. It does when I try on a few different machines. Interesting.

Seriously THANKS for the feedback. The menu was supposed to be dynamic. More digging needs to be done among other things. Especially with the affiliation links. I’m probably going to keep a white background for my own taste. :fist_right:t5: THANKS, gents


That Delta Mad Dog and the not-so-mad dog looking at it just gave me goose bumps. An amazing picture.

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lol! THANKS. Sometimes I like goofin’ off with composites in Photoshop. Countdown to the RIP of Delta Maddogs in June.


Love your stuff Ant :fist_right:t2:

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thank you, my man. :fist_right:t5:

Adorama got me a better link to use for my affiliation. I’ve updated it. I got nothing from Adobe/Tradedoubler as of yet. Alt-text is gonna get worked on next. The CSS and I will chat another time. Maybe. :smile:


One of the aircraft types to be missed. And one of which I might never get a chance to be on, although I would really like to.

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Great! That logo is loading for me top and bottom.

I don’t know if Adobe will help you with that one, someone else tried with no success on another forum and they’ve never been good at being standards compliant.

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Love the content! Absolutely incredible.

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Thank you, sir :fist_right:t5::tumbler_glass:. Hope you’re doing well

:fist_left: stay safe
Keep family safeđź‘Ź

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Thank you. Same to YOU :fist_right:t5: