Which IRC Client?

Hello everyone,

Just wondering what IRC Clients if any people use.

I have both Mac and windows.

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HexChat on Windows, Igloo on iPadOS


A licensed copy of mIRC on Windows. I tried a lot of other clients, and they all have various annoyances and nit picks. mIRC feels ancient (it’s got no “modernness” at all) and to be honest that feels like it fits well with IRC. If you want to get a licensed copy of mIRC there is a discount code that is easy to get you a 50% discount. A simple Google for “mirc 50% discount” should do it for you.

Hexchat Windows, Textual Mac, Weechat Linux.


Add me to the Hexchat boat

Pidgin on Linux, Byrd on ChromeOS, AndChat on Android.

I always find it interesting the different software people use. :slightly_smiling_face: