iPhone storage space problem

Hello all,

I have a problem. How can I free my memory again? Quite a lot is occupied by system data. How can I fix the problem?

The iPhone is a managed device - I am not allowed to connect it to Itunes.

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Used to get this a lot with the phones we looked after at work. It’s usually cached data of all the apps on your phone. Emails, messages, attachments, pics you’ve been sent etc.

Take a look in settings/general/iphone storage where it lists how much space is used by each app and see if you can clear out the worst offenders.

You might consider reducing how far back you keep emails or messages for example.

If an app is using lots of storage you can’t explain (and you are sure you won’t lose data), try uninstalling and reinstalling.

But sometimes we had to backup, wipe and restore from backup - which you can’t do you say.

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I have already deleted everything I don’t need
but the problem is that the system data consumes 18,4 GB and IOS 7,2 GB and
I have no influence on it.

Sometimes we just had to wipe them and reinstall from backup though.

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Thanks, I think we will reset the iPhone.

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I had a similar problem and ended up just erasing the phone and restoring it. My problem was compounded by having a 16GB device. Eventually, even minimal usage with only the required apps would fill it to the point that I could no longer install OS updates.

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