iPhone auto brightness refuses to go above 50%

Hey all, I’m banging my head against a wall here. I’ve been having a really weird issue lately. When I’m outside the screen on my iPhone is really hard to see and it turns out that auto brightness seems to never go above 50% or so. I’ve tried resetting the auto brightness by turning it off, having phone in dark room, manually sliding the brightness slider to min etc but it will not recalibrate. I can turn the brightness up manually so that it’s really bright but auto refuses to work. Any ideas?

Check that Zoom Filtering is not enabled: I had a similar never-full-brightness problem not realizing that my dimness for that zoom filter applied ALWAYS.

Settings > Accessibility > Zoom > Zoom Filter > None

Hey thanks for the response. I tried all sorts of things and I finally solved it. Wait for it. By rebooting if you can believe it. The second it rebooted it started working haha

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slow clap to Apple