iPad Mini w/5G instead of iPhone

Does anyone use an iPad mini instead of an iPhone? I rarely take phone calls anymore and I was thinking about getting an iPad mini with 5G to use as the device I carry around every day vs my iPhone. Anyone have any experience they can share?

I am not an iPhone user but how would you receive SMS? Will that work on an iPad without an iphone?

I don’t send any SMS but I do receive quite a lot, whether it’s 2FA codes or updates on deliveries etc.

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I have used Ipod touch 4,5,6 & 7gen to make phone calls n send text message. as long as you have a internet connection home wifi or sim card or hot spot.
you would have to choose what service to use i started with text now years ago
but have also used google voice etc, good luck
sence apple no long make ipod an thinking of get a ipad mini

I had forgotten about this, ask the same question back in Jan here a link to that page Leo gave a suggestion "Talkatone "