IOS 466: Track Yourself

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On this week’s iOS Today with Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent:

  • Track yourself with these apps and accessories: Beautyrest Sleeptracker, Pillow, Cardiogram, Apple Watch, Oura Ring, Motiv Ring, Beautyrest Sleeptracker.
  • News: Apple releases back-to-back updates to iOS 13, Halide gets a huge update for iPhone 11, Spotify will soon support Siri, and Call of Duty: Mobile is here.
  • Viewer Feedback: Getting dark mode to work on iOS 13, submitting feedback to Apple, using “When App Opens …” Siri Shortcuts, and automated routines with Siri Shortcuts.
  • Leo’s App Cap: Mario Kart Tour OR Sonic Racing
  • Mikah’s App Cap: Astound - Voice & Speech Coach

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There is always so much discussed in iOS Today… I appreciate the wrap up! Keep up the great work guys

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:pushpin: maybe :joy:


Thanks for including my feedback, Mikah!

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Great episode, as always!

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Hey Leo and Mikah,

You were talking about the Discourse Community forum, and I wanted to tell you I found an iOS app for Discourse called “Discourse Hub”

To get to the TWiT community just use to find the forum.

Check it out, it’s good for all the shows, but is an iOS App.

Talk to ya all soon,

Jason (EffenDunn)


Wide gamut from what the twerking bear wears to bed to Mario cart.


You guys got a question a user asking how to submit feedback to Apple and while the information you gave regarding the feedback app while on a beta and developer radars is correct. Apple also has a dedicated website for public feedback here

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I enjoy watching various shows but don’t know if I would have signed up for the discourse account but for this episode. It was informational as always but so funny! I loved the conversation about sleeping…“I don’t know how people with shoulders sleep.” I had to listen to that section over and over and was laughing each time. Inccidentally I also sleep on my stomach and what side-sleepers don’t know maybe is that stomach sleepers tuck their hands under their chest so they doesn’t get pulled into the bed and mess up their muscle tone. LOL!

I also had to re-watch the speech app bit where Leo is rotating his shoulder and singing…I love your down-to-earth, normal talking, spontaneous, relaxed manner Leo…and have to admit I only watch shows hosted by you. So thank you for not retiring…my well of knowledge might dry up if you do. :slight_smile:

Thank you.