IOS 495: Protect and Secure on iOS

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Great show, guys. I appreciated this episode. A lot of advice that has been sprinkled throughout other episodes and this one consolidated them. I have the issue mentioned with two password managers: LastPass and iCloud Keychain. It’s been wild keeping these two in sync. I think I might just stick with LastPass at this point. Also, I had no idea that the Chrome password manager was not that good. I fear I’ve already given Chrome a lot of information…

The advertising is … interesting!
I just laughed out loud at the idea of Leo manscaping outside. Oh boy.

Excellent show as usual and I always enjoy learning about new apps and tips. Case in point was the EpocCam app. Prior to downloading it I did do some due diligenced and was disappointed to learn that it is not compatible with the latest version of Zoom. In order to use an external came you have to use an older version of Zoom.


Security. How does a site recognize a device? As in trusted a trusted device.
Surely not by a MAC address. Maybe a device fingerprint?

The alternative that they suggest is to remove the signing on the Zoom binary (and Skype for Business). That is a security nightmare! Both are applications which are widely deployed, especially on business computers and would be very attractive targets for malware to alter the binaries without detection. Also, you would have to remove the signing everytime the apps were updeted! Wish I had done the due dilligence instead of just following Leo and purchashing the app.

Hi Leo, Mika,

I just got my Magic Keyboard. Love it! Now to my comment. I just learned that now you can pay monthly for the Apple insurance. $5.99 per month. So, you can still pay $200 for the 2 year insurance. 2 things…
One it is only $5.99 per month. And you can cancel anytime you want. I think that covers any new products you purchase, but don’t quote me on that. I will have to recheck that point. The second is that if you keep paying then your warranty keeps going. So if you want the insurance to go past 2 years then just keep paying. I think users should know that. Like me they might think that is a pretty good deal. I will have to read Apples info about this because it does bring up other questions.

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