IOS 468: Our iOS Photography Workflows

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Love these kinds of episodes. Lightroom on the iPad is now my go to photo experience (at home and on the go).


I was listening to you guys while doing some data entry at work and I started laughing out loud from your banter (the Siri shortcut for the plane going down!! :joy:) and my coworker asked me what was so funny. I told them I was listening to a tech podcast and they were surprised I was laughing over the topic. I told them it’s becoming more of a feel good comedy with the tech universe as the backdrop. Thank you for making my day brighter, @mikahsargent and @Leo


Forgive my ignorance, but do we need to have an iPhone 11 in order to get any benefit from these photo apps, or will they work with my lowly iPhone 6+?

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Another fabulously informative show – I started listening to the audio while in the shower through my ceiling speakers, carried on listening while I was drying off and then sat in my living room and watched the video.

Anyway, I have an observation: with all of the advances in earbud and headphone technology, how long before someone sees that potentiel of making AirPods and other designer earwear into something that can enhance hearing – yes a hearing aid by any other name. However, this could be one that people actually want to wear. You could alter the direction of the microphones, you could drown out background noise in busy restaurants and just hear your companion. You could switch it so that you could just speak to the person on your right in the aircraft but tune out the baby crying on your left. You get the idea – maybe hearing aids could then become as cool as designer spectacles made by the likes of Prada or Armani?

And just like other accessIbility features in your smartphone, you wouldn’t need to turn on the hearing enhancement unless you actually needed it. This has to be the way to go.


you use the pencil with your iPad and LR?

I would be concerned with costs. Good hearing aides are already pretty pricey from what I’ve been told due to the fit and other factors. Now you add the premium tag of a Prada or Armani? Let alone the tech to actually make them work properly. Thoughts?

I do @ant_pruitt. I find i can be more precise with the sliders using the pencil.

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I like it for local adjustments where I can “brush” in detail, @Olsenmike.

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Yep. The best Lightroom experience by far in my opinion. Since I have a subscription I can use it on any platform, bit I always find myself going back to the iPad.

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Agreed. You also have the added bonus of not covering up the image with your hands while you are making edits.

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