IOS 469: iOS Photos App Deep Dive

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Really enjoyed the show. Thanks for some great Apple Photos tips. Will have to watch again as I went into my photos right away and I know I missed some of the conversation. Looking forward to Jason’s book.


Great episode! I just want to shout out @mikahsargent for being super sweet to the TWiT staff member who asked him if he needed to eat in between shows (I was watching the live feed). He was so nice to her about it all! I’m very happy to see that Mikah is sweet both on and off set.


I have a lot of photos of many different KPOP idols in my photo library, but the Photos app seems to think they are all each other. Rather biased AI thinking all Asians are the same. Thankfully I can tap the incorrect person at the bottom, then tap select under the clip at the top, then tap show more, then tap show faces, tap every face that is incorrect and then tap the share icon and tap “not this person” to fix the issue. Tedious work that seemingly should be handled better to begin with without manually changing everything. :roll_eyes:

Excellent episode- learned a few things and it’s great to have Jason on. I also spend more and more time using my iPad Pro as my daily driver - much more than I ever thought I would