Intro and Thanks to TWIT crew

A note of thanks to TWIT, primarily Steve, Paul, Mary-Jo, and of course Leo. As a Ham since 1952, when I was drawn into ‘computering’ in the 80’s I naturally wanted to ‘roll my own’, and Windows [98SE in fact] was the only O.S. available to a ‘home brewer’, so Windows is all I know and understand at all. I’m sure that the Mac folks are as great as the ones I follow, and I have fond memories from TWIT-TV days of Patrick Norton and particularly a ‘classy lassie’ named Michela [I think], who added definite glitz to the show!
I’ve learned a lot from all these great people, kept me going as my beloved Amateur Radio has died on the vine [for me, an old Morse Code OP], and now provides me with interesting entertainment in my sunset years. My address ‘crypto1937@…’ speaks for it’s self.
So I raise a glass of Singapore Sling to Y’all, and long live TWIT. I’ll be around, reading…Bye


Great to see you on the forum Bill! Pretty neat computing history you’ve got there. You’ve probably forgotten more than I know :rofl:

Well, I dunno about that, but I did remember the name of the TV program was The Screensavers. Steve had hair… :wink:


Ah those were the days!

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