Happy To Be Here!

I’ve been watching & listening to TWIT shows for about a year. I’m one of those persons who loves to read, listen & learn about tech, but much like carpentry, my actual skills are passable at best. I turned 60 this year, and began my computer life with AOL dial up. My first smart phone was an iPhone 3GS, and my first several desktops were HP’s. I now use an iMac, iPad, and iPhone (XS currently).

I’m very happy that this forum was created, and I look forward to learning a lot from all the experienced folks here, and perhaps throwing in my 2 cents upon occasion.



Welcome to the forum. I am rather new here myself! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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60 is young. I’m 6 yrs your senior and still have a ton of fun working as a computer admin at a big company. The first programs I loaded onto a computer used audio cassettes for storage.

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