Incognito Mode Lawsuit Thoughts

What do you think about these recent developments? I think that it’s miscommunication and that all of this has been true forever. Also, it’s kinda odd that they are only suing Google and not Microsoft.

If you’ve ever worked for a company which produces products of any kind this kind of stupid @#$% is why to ship something the US you have to think of and document every potential absurd misuse of a product and you’ll still get sued. People are paying nothing for Chrome, not researching or trying to understand anything they use and not understanding how the internet works. Google has no obligation to do anything in any mode unless the Chrome browser is considered basically a public utility. How this goes anywhere other than the trash is beyond me and the judge that allows this should be ashamed.

This is total stupidity.

Isn’t Chrome a free tool that hooks users into Google’s other money making products?

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Assume all apps track you, no matter what you do with them. I have for years and think differently about installing any app or piece of software.

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The problem is the use of the word incognito.

We know that the DNS can still work out where you have been.

We know that Google still tracks you, even in incognito mode. What you would assume is that your ID would not be passed back to Google, if you are incognito mode and that 3rd-party cookies would be siloed. Without that, there is no such thing as incognito mode.

All incognito mode really does is keep your surfing from appearing in your history or the cache on the disk.

For the average user, who doesn’t understand tracking etc. Incognito mode is assumed to mean that you are incognito, when in fact they are not. This is a dishonest name for the mode, at the very least and deliberately misleading to the average, non-technical user.


If you are too stupid to read the advisory Google puts up when you go into Incognito mode, there is no hope for you!


You nailed it big time

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What would happen if they named it accurately: “Mode to hide your porn surfing from your partner” ? :wink:


I used to think incognito would be the perfect way to search for products and not be hounded for life for that product, WRONG!!! More and more advertisers have caught on. No doubt with Googles help!

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That’s always been true in any browser. Incognito/private browsing mode never prevented in session tracking all it ever did was clear the cookies after the end of the session.

THANKS… If I live long enough, I will know everything!

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More people would use it?

I’ve always assumed it’s not really a useful feature but it seems to make some people feel like they’re safe…and that’s a problem!


I use it when creating new M365 accounts for our users, checking the settings etc. so that it doesn’t clog up M365 login with dozens of account suggestions.

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