IFTT Pro rip-off

So IFTT have decided to start charging for their ‘pro’ service


The free service has been reduced to three applets but you now need to pay $9.99 a month to be able to use any more. I’ve been slowly been moving away from iftt for a while as i kinda thought it was heading this way. After stringify went offline ifft were the only other major player here and seem to have got greedy. Not only are they charging the user, but they are double dipping and charging the vendors more money too. Free things can only last so long, but I cant see how they can justify pricing this simple service on par with a netflix subscription.

I’ll be moving all of my automations onto home assistant.

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I noticed this last week too. It seems that any existing (custom) applets you have will still work, but you can’t add more. I’d imagine that any you remove can’t be added back either.

Generally, I’ve been irritated by their UI over the years and I’m not a fan of how they completely re-do it every year or so as well.

At least their pricing is (currently) “pay what you want” (as long as you want to pay $1.99 or more)…so it’s not quite as bad as $9.99/month (which I agree is not worth it if you just want four custom applets).

Yeah I would guess that only the people who missed the announcement will be paying more than $1.99 a month for the 1st year (or however long it takes them to get off of the platform). I don’t think there any any other alternatives for people so they either need to suck it up or hope that somebody comes up with a similar service.

If you’re committed to automated workflows you might check out Zapier, which seems to have a nice following of its own. You’ll probably have to pay for that too, though.

As far as IFTTT being “greedy”, perhaps they’re just getting pressure from investors to finally make some money. I think they’ve had several investment rounds over the last decade, and like many digital service startups they seemed to have prioritized growing users over growing revenue, in the hopes that they could eventually convert the former into the latter. This is just something we should expect by now from any free service.

Thanks for the recommendation, a one time sponsor I believe. Unfortunately while they have loads of integrations with online services, they don’t have the iot integrations that ifttt has.

I get that they need to make money, but the iot vendors are already starting to move away from them because they are charging too much, now they are driving the end users away too.