SN 907: Credential Reuse

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So, SpinRite 7 is going to be built on an operating system by a company that’s going out of business? Did I hear that right?

Personal experience has me extremely biased against the notion that software can be perfect. I’m not opposed to the idea, I just have a hard time believing it in the real world. It’ll be interesting to listen to Steve’s thoughts as he works on SR7.

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Yes, you did. He paid nearly $40K knowing the company was ending sales and support of the product.

Quote from the show notes for reference:

I paid $34,000 to receive the source code of the modules I would need, which I now own.

I agree “finished software” is very hard to achieve.

Just taking modern hardware into account, surely at some point the software needs to be modified to be able to run on newer hardware?

Also, maybe some bugs are just undiscovered and unreported.

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Yes, he had already sent them a bunch of money for the binary rights, like a year ago, but they sat unused because he was still working on SpinRite 6.1, and the RTOS will only be used for 7.x. I believe the total cost of binary and source licenses for all the parts he wanted was pretty close to the $40K number I used.

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I had never heard of this OS until today, looks like I’ve got some fun reading ahead.

Also @Leo for what it’s worth I’ve got Advanced Data Protection turned on, so at least you can say “some of our audience jumped right in on launch day”. Haven’t had any issues and sleep a little better knowing my backups are finally encrypted for real :grin: