How to move/designate Documents folder on an external drive (Mac)

Leo - Here’s a potential topic for your show. You suggest buying Macs with and SSD (not an HD) with say 256 Gigs and then using an external drive. Well, for me, that would probably mean I would need to move my Documents folder to the external drive.

Now, I use iCloud to sync my Documents folder so I don’t think I can simply copy and past it to an external drive. How to do this?



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Waiting to see an answer to this. I believe you can copy and paste the folder to an external drive, but will lose the sync feature of the iCloud location if you start putting everything on the external drive Documents folder.

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Try this:

It’s a Unix based system, so moving your home folder should be pretty easy. If you don’t want to move your whole home folder, you could always create a symlink from Documents to wherever you want: