How to map windows 10 Users Public Desktop

I have to copy a desktopy shortcut to an end users desktop.

I used to simply do it from search bar and \computername\C$%Users\Public\Desktop, but I no longer have that access. I was told to use Powershell ? But I find that a bit complicated to map the C$ of a single user as its only one person asking.

workstation is windows 10 ver 21h2

Any thoughts ?

The path is correct (edit: apart from %Users, that should be \Users), but the user you are using doesn’t have the required access rights to the folder. Are you doing it as a domain admin or a local admin?

Is that right? C$ is administrative share, but %users?

UNC would normally require TWO backslashes in front of the computer/device name? Like \\ComputerName\ShareName\path . Doing in on my machine, I get something like \\PC4010U\C$\Users\Public

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Correct. It should be \users\