How to find on Mastodon mobile app

Heard about the TWIT community when listening to Windows Weekly and signed up and approved. I downloaded Mastodon app and searched for the server, but no results. Can anyone help?

Well you could start your adventure at the website, to join and learn the ropes. I just installed the android client, and it has no problem finding, all lower case (in case that matters.)

I’m wondering the same thing. I installed Metaflex based on what @Leo said he uses and seem to be connected to, but don’t see anything there. Is there something else I need to do?

I don’t see anything useful with this name, and you didn’t mention a platform, so I worry you are in a bad place.

I was expecting Metaflex to show me the same things posted to that I see when accessing it via the web. Is that not right?

Again, I don’t know what a “metaflex” is. If I google for that, I don’t see anything suitable with that name. Let’s start with what platform are you on?

Typed it wrong every time. :man_facepalming: It’s Metatext. I’m on iOS.

Okay, well I installed the app on an iPad, and was able to see things (one “stream” at a time, my home, local or federated) and it looked more or less as I expected. Maybe logout, and try logging back in again? (As there was just an update to the site to version 4, maybe make sure your app is up to date as well, in case that changed.)

When you log out, you can also see an option (when you enter the instance URL, ie to “Browse”… try that and see if you can see the local posts. You would then need to logout again to login as yourself.

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Maybe it just took awhile to sync to the app for my new account. The feed is there now. Thanks!

The way all third party Mastodon apps work (and all but one are third party) you give it the name of the server ( and it opens a window for to authenticate you.

Easiest to sign up on the web site, get approved, then use a mobile app. Remember the approval process takes some time (I do it all by hand) and requires email authentication.