How do I subscribe to Twit TV, I'm on TwitchTV platform

I just logged into Twit TV using my TwitchTV platform. But I cannot use the chat room
unless I Subscribe. There is NO CLEAR instructions on how to subscribe to Twit TV so
I can “chat”. I went to and chose All Twit TV, but here is screen shot.

so I clicked on the Subscribe button as shown in the screen shot.

So, after I subscribed to Video, it apparently subscribed me to pod casts. But on my iPAD, which is running the TwitchTV app, where I can watch Leo on video.

Over to the right, I see a Chat room. It says “Subscriber Only Chat”, But how do I subscribe? Does it cost money to Subscribe? I got NO feedback at all from the app. But this is what I get on my iPad.

 Subscriber Only Chat

Only TWIT’s subscribers can chat right now. Subscribe to join in.
Then there is a “Got it” button. It just dismisses the dialog.

There is NOTHING on my iPad that gives me ANY CLUE on how to subscribe
I’m STUMPED!!! One would think that the APP would produce a link to Subscribe.

OK, so I go over to their WEB site for - nothing there.
Next I go to - there I can choose the show. And as you examine the screen shot
above, I clicked on the “Subscribe to Video” button, but it just links me to the pod casts.

So, does the condition that lets me use the “Chat” feature, depend on me to actually DL
a pod cast? Really?

I sure can use some help. Please contact me at +1 818-640-5290 on WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Signal and help bail me out of this stupid incomprehensible site


Hey there,

The Twit chat can be accessed here:

The chat box on Twitch is different and not used. There’s no way for Twit to completely disable it, so they’ve set it to subscriber only, but removed the option to subscribe, so people can’t use it. I can see how it can be confusing. But to access the proper chat that everyone uses you just need to use the link above.

Hopefully this helps.

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As a fellow iPad user, I can attest to having been flummoxed by the same conundrum. I eventually reverted to IRC as described above, but it’s nice to know it wasn’t because I had failed where I could instead have succeeded; it honestly never occurred to me that Twitch chat would be vestigial like that.