How different will be "Ask The Tech Guy beyond episodes 1956"?

  • No more radio broadcasts.
  • No more 1-88-88-ask-leo
    What else?

The new podcast will just be on Sundays. It will have a slightly different format, but supposedly will still aim to answer tech questions.
Tune in tomorrow to find out I guess. My guess is it will probably take a couple of weeks to get into the full swing of things.

I anticipate it will evolve in time but here are the things I know are different out of the gate:

  1. Mikah is co-hosting with me.

  2. We’re going to use the “Living Room” set in the studio with additional demos in “Radio Corner”

  3. No more 19 minutes of radio commercials per hour. Ironically this means the podcast
    will be longer because we’ve been cutting those out. I anticipate the show will be closer
    to 3 hours than the previous 2 hours. One podcast a week instead of two, but still a net loss of an hour per weekend from previous years.

  4. Calls will be primarily via Zoom. We’re strongly encouraging everyone to call from their smart phones using - you won’t need to install Zoom. We will also be answering emails at And encouraging recorded questions via email.

  5. Expect two hands-on demos a week. We will always offer audio versions of the show, but we want to use the availability of video to do more. We’ll make sure to describe the video for people who only listen.

  6. Questions and answers will still be the backbone of the show, as before, but we’ll also have several pre-recorded segments every week from the Tech Guy contributors (Scott, Johnny, Dick, Sam, Chris, and Rod) as well as short interview segments. For example, I’m interviewing Daniel Suarez about his new book Critical Mass on Feb 10. A 10-minute except will be aired on ATG and the full interview will be a Triangulation special. I want to use ATG as a chance to do more short, one-off interviews. We need these short pre-recorded segments 3-5 minutes to give us a break during the live recording on Sundays.

In short, the show will be the Tech Guy plus. I’ll still do the show opens, aka my Sunday Sermon, but I think it will feel a bit more relaxed without the clock forcing me to break at awkward moments. We are going to put a time limit on calls and segments, however, to maintain some pace.

I think it will be a really fun, engaging, and informative show unlike anything we’ve done in the past. I hope you’ll listen.

The feed is exactly the same, as is the show page: or

See you tomorrow!

(Here’s the attendant blog post: Time to Ask The Tech Guys -


Leo, are we going to get a segment on the best brunch places in Petaluma?

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I did listen to Rich’s show yesterday. While I can’t promise I’ll do so regularly (I was spoiled by the TWIT livestreams, so listening to the radio stream was quite different), he’s definitely going through and making the show his own. I do hope he brings in some of Leo’s regulars from time to time, but I can also understand if he chooses not to. I think the baton was passed properly and I wish him all the best.

I sent Rich all the contact info for the regulars. It’s up to him now. Of course we’ll continue to feature them on Ask the Tech Guys.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the Radio Corner used. I think last time was Father Robert’s Know How show.