HOW 26: Smart Scale On A Budget

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LOL, I want this and have absolutely no need for it. I think I’ll wait a month and see if the urge passes. Since getting my watch, I have an irrational desire to track everything.


The scale is really awesome. I bought one when they were first being released. it works great and gets updates pretty frequently. Also, it has some amazing features and is very accurate while also recording everything to your phone for tracking history or more than just your weight but also BMI, Water weight, and so on. A great investment that at that price isn’t even really an investment. Plus they are coming out with new tech all the time, so soon everyone will have a Wyze house… heh


You, sir, are an enabler. :grinning: I’m going to go buy it right now.

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Can’t help it, it is a beautiful scale and you can’t beat the price :slight_smile:


It is beautiful. It got here today, and I absolutely love it.


It’s definitely priced right. Wyze is trying to take over the smart home, for sure with le$$ cost to the consumers. Thank you for watching :fist_right:t5:

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This scale says I have 32% body fat, and my DH has 23% body fat. Which seems odd since I’m thin and work out regularly, and he’s developed quite the spare tire these past few years due to a back injury. I know men carry less body fat, but seriously? Anyway, he’s having lots of fun talking about how lean and trim he is, so it was worth $28 just for the ongoing jokes.

Also, in the week I’ve had it, my weight has fluctuated from 121 lbs. to 130 lbs. I guess I need to read the manual on how to weigh myself, since I’m obviously not being consistent about something vital.

Mine was kind of inconsistent when I first got it too. But after it updated the firmware a few times and I kept using it, it started getting more consistent.

All I can say is make sure the firmware is updated (I think I’ve updated mine 2 or 3 times since I got it) make sure it is on a level flat surface and just keep using it. If it doesn’t get more accurate I would contact Wyze and explain the issue, their customer service is impeccable.
I also have the Wyze band and a week or so ago I broke the strap that was on it. I contacted them and they told me they only had a replacement for the regular watch type strap instead of the snap type that I like, instead of telling me sorry and moving on they processed a complete replacement for the Wyze band I had to get me a new snap strap no questions asked, no fuss. It was great, I wish more customer service was like that.

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I ordered my scale in June as soon as I got to the conclusion of Cameron’s review titled, “Conclusion: Just Buy One Already”. Unfortunately Wyze had already sold out it’s first production run so I didn’t get mine until July 19th.

To get accurate weight results make sure its on a hard flat surface and force the calibration routine. They buried the calibration info on the note page of the tiny font printed manual. (I did find a copy online from the FCC product filing)

Your scale may need to be calibrated to show accurate weight measurement. Place the scale on a hard, flat surface and re-calibrate it (step on and then step off, allowing the scale to return to "0.0 lb” ).

If you change the scales’ location do the calibration routine again, it compensates for the small off level characteristics of all floors. I’ve had very reasonable weight readings with over the day, and day to day, variations that seem reasonable. So I’d guess that once it’s calibrated it has an accuracy of probably +/- 0.5kg (+/- 1 pound), Wyze doesn’t specify accuracy.

The other measurements derived from their Bio-electric Impedance Analysis (BIA) system (sending RF into your feet and measuring the return signal) are almost certainly not very accurate. As Cameron pointed out in his review:

That’s why, ultimately, the results you get from a smart scale are more of an educated guess than accurate results. But that doesn’t make them meaningless by any means.

I don’t think anyone would ever argue that accuracy isn’t important. But it’s also not the most crucial aspect of tracking your body metrics—consistency is. I’ve seen too many people obsess over how “accurate” their scale is instead of focusing on what’s really important.

In short, if you use the same scale every single day to monitor trends, then you’ll get results (assuming you’re making the diet and exercise adjustments to promote meaningful change, of course). While accuracy is important, the consistency of using the same product to keep up with the appropriate figures is arguably what matters.

I had a good laugh when after a long weekend of many strenuous 30 pound pack hikes over steep rough terrain my fat % went way up while my weight went down. It’s possible that they did not have a lot of 60+ people like me as samples during development so accuracy of the BIA measurement algorithms may have been tweaked mainly for the 20 to 40 year old crowd who would likely also be the main customer targets.

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Good information, Thanks for sharing. :smiley: