TTG 1739 for Saturday 24 October 2020

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Leo: Regarding the viewer comment about the Wize scale. All you need to do to test the accuracy of the scale is to just take a scale you think is accurate and place them side by side. Then, every day get on both scales. If the reading are the same or within .1(+/-) of each other after a weeks use then I wound say it is accurate. That’s a better test. Also I personally would think that after getting on the scale 2x in a row I would want the weight to be the same. If my weight bounced around all over the place then I would be concerned about the accuracy of the scale.

To test the accuracy of the scale, just get a few 20lb plates and stack them on the scale every morning. Test it four-five times a week, adding more every few weeks. When you get tired of the 20lb plates, switch to 50lb plates. Actually, maybe you don’t even need the scale. :wink:

I’m not even going to make a joke about the new diet where you eat 20lbs of food off a plate! :wink:

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