AAA 544: No One Wins the Streaming Wars

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Jason’s review of Wyze Buds Pro was spot on. I pre-ordered a pair when they were announced and waited patiently for the product to arrive in the USA (which took months). The sound quality is fine, the noise cancellation is decent, the battery life is good. Real value for money.
But I have a minor and a major issue. The minor one is that slippery black plastic buds and a black plastic case is not a great combination: getting them in an out is a nuisance. The major one is that the touch controls are unreliable: sometimes a double tap works but more often I end up tapping 4 or even 8 times for the effect to happen. I asked Wyze support for guidance and they were terrific but could not solve the problem so they sent me a replacement pair, great service. However, the second pair is just as unreliable as the first.
For the price I can’t really complain and I recommend both the product and Wyze as a company.

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