HOW 6: LetsFit Smartwatch

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I enjoyed this episode and the new show in general, but i would like to provide my feedback. I would like to first disclaim that I am not a content creation expert and I’m not trying to pretend i know how to make the show better than it is. intern i am just providing my thoughts as a 27 year old twit network fan as well as an athlete and avid runner.

I have noticed with other twit shows on the network that they sometimes offer discussion for the nerds and not the average person. While other times they try to appeal to the average everyday person. this show seems to be the latter but i would also enjoy a tiny taste of what the host as a more avid user of wellness and fitness tech thinks of the tech and maybe even what tech he uses and why. this could be in addition to all the other everyday person content. For example in this episode about smart watches what smart watch does the host use and why? or What are some more advanced watches if you get this one and end up liking it and what to upgrade or specialize a bit more into running, Biking, Triathlon, Golfing, or weight training.

Just my thought. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the content!


Good feedback, @Zeke :fist_right:t5:. THANK YOU.

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@ant_pruitt can you look at any tech which monitors sweat? I’d love to know more about that.


Noted. Don’t know what I’ll find, but I’ll poke around. :fist_right:t5: