NEWS 385: Apple's 'Far Out' Event

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Some nice changes, but nothing there that made me say that my iPhone 13 Pro, AirPods Pro or Watch SE are suddenly so out of date or that the new kit has a “must have” feature, that I want to rush out and buy new stuff.

If I had the money to waste, yeah, I’d like to upgrade, but as money is a big factor, there is just nothing there that justifies the upgrade cost.

Apple definitely continues to innovate. However, I have to agree with Andy. Apple would sell a ton more watches if they didn’t have to be attached to an iPhone. I see the Apple Watch as one of (if not) the best smartwatch on the market. Just that as an Android user, I can’t buy one.

I think, in their view, that would be like selling a car without tires. They want to sell an experience that they control, not just an experience they influence.

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Dynamic Island? I feel like Mr. Roarke and Tattoo should be greeting me at the Apple Store

“Smiles everyone - smiles!”


“De watch boss… de watch!”


I wonder how much the Oceanic Pro app will be for the watch. I don’t see it in the app store yet. I am in love with the Ultra. I’m going to have to visit the Apple Store to see what this monster looks like on my wrist.

It is more, the Watch is a good entry to get people into buying an iPhone, they see with other people how good it works and they want one, but they’ll have to buy an iPhone.

You saw that with the Q&A with Tim Cook about RCS support, his answer? Buy your granny an iPhone!

Gotta say that really put me off buying the iPhone 14. I might upgrade since I’m still rocking the iPhone SE 2020 and probably going to go for the 13, Think that seeing a slither of background above a thing that is constantly changing size and shape might be a bit distracting

Teaching her to use WhatsApp would be cheaper

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