HOP 10: New Year, New Headshots (Part 1)

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@ant_pruitt 's suggestion on using foam core (foam board in my part of the world) is great. Though i never use it to reflect lighting on my subject, i normally use it to create a lightbox to take photos of products.

What i normally use to reflect light off of a models face is a white A3 size paper pasted on an A3 size cardboard.


Yuuuuup. Whatever works. THANKS for watching and sharing. I love foam board. I have a couple reflecters I can use for bounce, but that foam board is so handy


Wow…healing brush in Lightroom! I had no clue. That tip right there was worth the price of admission. Oh wait…

Is that a common problem with anyone else? Never take the time to really learn a program. Just start using it. Search Help every time you want to do something you know (or hope) the software will do but don’t know how.


Lol! Glad that helped.
For me, I spend a lot of time going through menus. I’ve still not gone through all of the Photoshop menus and tools. SO MANY.