Honda Electric Vehicle

Have you had a chance to see the new Honda electric car Sam?

The photos in the story look pretty interesting… Especially the 1 full pic of the complete dash.

It is unfortunate that this is mentioned in the story, though:


That photo makes it look like a Fiat. Yuck.

I will admit that the outside isn’t the greatest - but it is for release in Europe after all. But, the inside looks interesting

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If you’re interested in Electric Vehicles (and other stuff about renewables), you should check out Fully Charged on YouTube.


Looks pretty tasty to my European eyes. A city car with clean lines, electric drive, and a size that will make it easy to park. I was just a bit flummoxed by the weird single pedal acceleration and braking.


That is such a good looking little car, I love it, I want one.

There is something seriously wrong with the North American market, VW is also not bringing their id.3, at least not to Canada. They keep saying people don’t want them but if they don’t bring them how do they know people don’t want them.

I watched a review of it
A few good and not good things
Dash with full size display is cool “similar to sony car” I don’t know why not many cars are like this

The fact that many concept cars are going for non circular steering wheel and end up with one is so funny ( my opinion non circular is not fun and safe to drive)

Driver side “mirror “ display placement is not good comfortable

Circular lights are not pretty at all

This size and range and battery and power is not good enough fir US market

Trunk is Really small

Having a smaller weaker lighter less power car should Not be compared to better ones in efficiency

Look from the side is good

Charging port placement is really bad for rain

Gap in center console snd dash is not elegant

Center storage needs a cover door

Advertising non leather seats as “better” is not a good choice

Rear view mirror camera gets bad in rain

Side cameras are excellent

Turn radiance is super cool


Electric car market has still a long way to go. There are some charging stations in the village where I live but they would not be nearly enough if people switch to electric cars en masse.

I do not have a garage and my parking is not next to my flat to allow me to run a cable to the car. I know many people are in such a position.

The industry has still quite a long way to go in order to be able to offer a viable alternative to the majority of the people.