The Chevy Bolt rear view mirror. Sam was right!

So we’ve only been driving the Bolt since the summer. I swear I even read the manual. But I had no idea the rearview mirror could double as a rear camera view. Sam was right!

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It’s a little weird, but I guess I could get used to it. It’s a very wide, unobstructed view, unlike the mirror.


That is pretty cool. Yes, I guess you will get used to it over time

We got our Bolt in February, 2018. The rear view camera does not work well after dark, but is nice during the daytime. It is also great when the back of the vehicle is so loaded with stuff that you cannot see much using the regular mirror.


@Leo we have a fleet of Bolts for work (NYC Parks), and it’s awesome to see that you drive the car model that I use to listen to TWiT while doing site visits.


You never flipped the tab! :smiley:

There are often features you don’t know exist until someone points them out. I didn’t know my car had storage compartments behind the seats until Doug Demuro (the king of quirks and features) pointed it out. Mind blown. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually love the Bolt. For 1/4 the cost of my Tesla Model X it’s very nearly as good. I miss adaptive cruise control, but the one pedal driving is so nice. Car Play/Android Auto is FAR superior to the Tesla proprietary system. I miss the superchargers but soon CCS will be everywhere. I “only” get 230 miles per charge compared to 320, but for me that’s more than enough. Overall, there’s just no competition. The Bolt is awesome!


Not familiar…what’s “one pedal driving?”


So I didn’t know either and googled it.

Also there seem to be a good amount of videos on it.

My understanding is there is no brake pedal, just an accelerator. When you take you foot off the pedal the car starts to slow down right away.

Please correct me if wrong.

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There is a brake pedal, of course, but you don’t need to use it except for quick stops. When you ease off the throttle the car uses regenerative braking to put more juice into the battery and slow down to a stop. Really nice.


Slightly off-topic, but I didn’t want to start a new thread for just a note. Wired had a preview of the new Polestar 2 EV and made brief comparisons to the Tesla and Taycan, two cars I know Leo is/has been interested in.

I also know that Leo is planning on a trip to Germany, and wanted to mention the great trip Volvo (Polestar’s “parent” company) provided me when I bought their XC40 last year. Their Overseas Delivery (OSD) program flies you (and a friend) over to Sweden, puts you up for a night, gives you a tour of the factory and museum, and insures you for up to two weeks of driving, all included at no added charge.

I took the ferry to Germany and drove around Hamburg, Koln, the Rhine river and the Black Forest, then over to Neuschwanstein and the lakes around Salzburg, before dropping the car off in Munich for delivery back to the US. Beautiful trip and it was an experience driving there.

Not really recommending the Polestar (hear it’s best to lease their earlier hybrid cars because of the complexity of the engine), but the program does touch a lot of Leo’s bases.