Ford Mustang Mach-E reveal

At 6pm PST on Sunday Nov 17, Ford will be livestreaming the global reveal of the new 2021 Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle. I’ll be onsite at Hawthorne airport (not a coincidence that the hanger is right next to the Tesla design studio and the same venue they use for their events) and if you are there please come find me and say hi. The livestream is at

My deep dive on the Mach-E will go live at 630pm


I watched the (goofy) rollout and I’ve read your article and I’m pretty stoked.

The timing is perfect for me - I turn in the Audi A8 Christmas 2020. And I like the tesla-like features. Ford is far from new to EVs. And the price is nice. So, should I reserve one??? Never mind - just reserved the Launch Edition!! Reservation 9643!

This is my checklist for any future vehicle. Most important is adaptive cruise control and Carplay/Android Auto. Does the Mach-E support those? (Oh yes! And it supports wireless Carplay and wireless phone charging! Sold!)

All electric with support for CCS fast charging
Adaptive cruise control /lane keeping
Android auto/Car play
Auto seat settings by key fob
Full stop regenerative braking
USB ports
Bike rack
Power mirrors
Power doors
Power seats
Dual-motor (4WD)
Collision warning/auto stop
Cameras - including top down view

I love the OTA updates and the frunk. Frankly it looks a lot like my beloved Model X without the Tesla baggage. And it sounds like if I plunk for the “First Edition” I’ll get some form of autonomy eventually (as I said, I just want adaptive cruise and the Ford Co-Pilot sounds like everything I’m looking for).
What say you Sam?


Very compelling at that price point. I’d been considering Jaguar’s I-Pace but this would seem to blow it out of the water.

Why on earth did they slap the Mustang badge on it though? Really shouldn’t have done that. It’s a crossover…

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Thanks for the great information. I am a 2012 Mustang owner.