A new topic: EVs and Car Tech

Hey everyone. I created a new topic under Tech Talk for discussions about EVs and car tech. I know @Leo is a fan of EVs as is @samabuelsamid and so it makes sense that many of you probably are too. It made sense to me to have a way to categorize such discussions into their own group.


Great idea. Thanks @PHolder !

The EV I am interested in is not a car but a Vespa type EV. I want as much power as possible with out passing the threshold requiring a motorcycle license. Could be two wheller or 3 wheeler. Your thoughts please.

Wil Harris was talking about a new EV motorbike he’d ordered at the end of TWiT this week. Does look v. cool…

Not clued up on US laws on what you can ride on a standard driving licence, but you could get an actual electric Vespa :slightly_smiling_face:

Vespa Store USA: discover all our products

At age 87 I think I’m looking more for a step through type.

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